Amazin Apartment

This installation, commissioned by the Design Museum London, explores how a serviced apartment for the elderly might look, function and participate in the digital economy.

appliances as architecture

By imagining a technology company (like Amazon) as a property developer, kitchen appliances are networked, maintained and supplied entirely outside the living space. This allows a radical simplification of controls facing the inside.

data in exchange

The apartment’s appliances are part of a connected service, where data mining is traded for behind-the-wall management. For the elderly, this could be considered a fair trade: their washing machine will always function and their refrigerator will be replenished without effort.

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revolutionary product independence

As we age, we become less likely to navigate the conditions that shops and manufacturers have put in place for more youthful customers. The ageing population is in an unfortunate position – abandoned at the exact moment when they need better products, increased assistance and service.

Amazin Apartment is a theoretical invention that removes the worry and burden associated with domestic upkeep by providing property management, maintenance and supply. The next generation of technology companies for whom consolidation, service and data harvesting are central, are perhaps in a position to deliver more reliable and worry-free forms of independent living for seniors.

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