Security Camera for Geneva HQ

The wireless Security Camera for Geneva HQ is from a range of home sensors and devices designed to exceed expectations about networked products in form and function.


The Geneva HQ security camera is part of a fully wireless, battery-powered security system that is easy to live with and easy to manage. Products are designed to be comfortable in a variety of home environments and set-ups.


The design process was honest about how we're living today and insightful about how we would like to live in the future. Each part of the system communicates its most necessary features clearly — just what the internet of things should be.

part of a whole

The security camera is part of a range of battery-operated wireless sensors and devices that include motion, door, smoke and glass breakage detection. The system can be configured and monitored in different ways: connection to a security service provider, an audible siren and an app.

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The future does not need to be complicated or full of statements. If a room could choose its own sensors, they would blend into the atmosphere – simple networked products, full of potential.

First introduced in 2013 and now re-engineered.

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