OH! Toothbrush for Braun

OH! is the first electric toothbrush that explores the everyday nature of its use by combining charging and digital ordering technology with analogue practicality.

simple care

The reality of the toothbrush is that one often forgets to buy replacement heads and also that the device can run out of charge when travelling. Charge by USB or a base charger when at home.

charge, travel, order, security

OH! relates to the context of a bathroom and allows the ordering of replacement brush heads from the product itself via a simple button. For simplicity of use and security, it has no LCD displays, no data gathering and no cloud sharing.

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Braun / Oral B teams were impressed with an electric toothbrush as resilient as teeth, comfortable in the hand, and reflecting simply what's around it. OH! connects the positive experience of maintaining good oral health with the ease of maintaining the device itself.

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