Powerbox Ecosystem

The design of the Powerbox Ecosystem required practical, spatial and technical resolution, so that shared devices are useful for individuals as well as organisations.  Physical products and digital management take into account practical issues of availability and accessibility, maintenance and charging, and social responsibility.

easy to use; simple to manage

The ecosystem provides real-time monitoring of Powerboxes and Powertrays, with automated maintenance alerts and usage analytics, so that a system of agile power can be maintained, adapted and continually optimised.




belongs to Rooftop
Play Sound
Lock Powerbox
Disable Output

Implementing a system for shared batteries in semi-public spaces like offices comes with a set of potential issues and pain points. Future Facility identified potential issues in an early concept investigation, which often stem from the challenges of Availability and Accessibility1, Maintanance and Charging2 and User Accountability and Responsibility3

2Maintenance and Charging

Ensuring that the power banks are adequately charged and maintained can be a logistical challenge. If the batteries aren't charged regularly or if there are technical issues with the power banks, users may face disappointment or inconvenience when trying to use them.

3User Accountability and Responsibility

Users may not treat the shared powerbox batteries with the care and responsibility they require. This could lead to theft, damage, or misuse of the power banks, ultimately affecting the availability and reliability of the system for other users.