Herman Miller OE1 Powertray

The Powertray acts as both a charger and a power station. It is the 'home' charger for up to four Powerbox batteries. When all four batteries are in the Powertray together and full of charge, they combine to make a mobile powerstation, with quadrupled energy output for larger devices.

more than a charger.

Powertray is designed to fit on OE1 Storage Trolleys and can provide power to large devices through its built in inverter in places that don't have easy access to routed power.

power up large devices

With multiple batteries charged and seated, it can power monitors, projectors and speakers that are in areas without infrastructural electricity.

move it anywhere

Place the Powertray on an OE1 Storage Trolley and the powerstation becomes nomadic.


By giving the Powertray an inverter, we identified a latent opportunity in the component that was previously overlooked.

It now powers in — and out.


Powerboxes are shared tools – available, useful and helpful. They are designed to participate in a community of borrowing, return and responsibility, whether managed individually or by an organisation.


Powertray is the 'home' charger of a relational power provisioning system, where all parts are designed to work well independently, and also together. While one battery might be helpful to individuals, multiples give added boost in settings where more power is needed.